Digitization with a focus on productivity

Direct access to instructions, troubleshooting logs, installation instructions, wiring diagrams, blueprints and more. In immediate connection to any given object in your facility.

With a focus on OEE
Improve accessibility in the production facility.

Reduce unplanned production losses with instructions for infrequent work steps. Streamline and quality-assure planned maintenance with digital installation instructions. Create available debug logs for recurring errors.

InfoLink's solution provides access to production-critical and quality-critical information in immediate proximity to any selected object in your plant. Directly in smartphone, PDA or tablet. Editable in the field or from the office. All in your existing IT infrastructure.

"Accessibility is key"

Where it's needed, when it's needed.

Instructions, security regulations, and vital information for the company's core task are only meaningful if they are consumed. Furthermore, they only deliver maximum value if they are available where they are needed. In practice, unfortunately, they are usually deep in the hard drive in an anonymous document folder.

Availability is crucial. Accessibility and user-friendliness are basic components of InfoLinks.